yellow2   A pocket guide that is practical and easy to use. Published in three languages(English, Spanish and Portuguese). It offers all the options business in the Latin American, American and Brazilian. Furthermore, it can be used as a notebook handy to take notes and phone numbers.


  DiBara Enterprises is in its fourth generation builders concerned about having the level of excellence as the basis of any building, be it residential, industrial or commercial. The company provides individuals and also has exclusive contracts with public agencies. Some of the services are: restoration of monuments, excavation, removal of used oil tanks, chimneys, masonry, carpentry, stone buildings, demolitions and more. Its main motto is to work perfectly, giving priority to quality and customer satisfaction. www.dibaraenterprises.com

dibara2   www.caixa.com.br

 Cristiano Jarbas   www.cristianojarbas.com


Gois Broadcasting is a family owned business that has been helping our clients grow by reaching Latinos for over 30 years. All of our Massachusetts stations are 24×7 and are branded as “La Mega” which is the largest brand in the Latino radio world. We also own and operate two Latino radio stations in Connecticut. We’re the largest Latino radio broadcaster in New England. Here’s a quick coverage map.

We have the #1 Latino morning show in the world (The Luis Jimenez show) exclusively on all of our stations. We have local live djs for all of our stations. We participate in over 15 festivals every summer. We do live broadcasts, endorsements, contests, interviews, stream all of our stations and spots and work closely with our clients to focus on delivering results. Please let us know if there’s anything we can do for you. More info: www.MegaBoston.com www.megaboston.com

jornalasemana   Reach more people in the Brazilian and Portuguese community through our publication then any other newspaper. The Brazilian consumer market is growing strongly in the Boston urban area with the influx of many new families in the community committed to building a future in America. They represent a purchasing power of over 4 million dollars a year. The Brazilian Newspaper A SEMANA offers an alternative to advertisers seeking to avoid the high cost mainstream publications, TV and radio stations. Advertisers can also reach consumers on a friendlier basis. Our publication accepts limited advertising, so there is less competition among advertisers and more editorial reading around ads. www.jornalasemana.com

logoStory   Why telling a story is the most powerful way to put any message across and make it stick to our memory? When we tell stories it helps us shape our thinking and way of life, and we can have the same effect on our audience too. Using his experience in the teaching, consulting and publishing world as a starting point, James McSill demonstrates the importance of good storytelling in book writing, the business world and how to enrich your own life by changing the way you interpret your own story.
Storytelling is not arbitrary. It is based upon rules, certain time-tested principles that apply to all types of stories. Just look at any hit TV shows, classic novels, great stage plays and/or blockbuster films. In all of these genres, the story that is being told may be vastly different, but the underlying principles behind that story are all the same.

To find out more, write to:
James McSill Story Studio
Colenso House
1, Deans Lane
YO42 2PX
Pocklington, Yorkshire
Worlwide Tel. No.: *1-4075743675
UK Tel. No.: *44-1759305456
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

braziliantimes    Brazilian Times

braziliankids     Brazilian Kids Magazine

powerfesta     Power Festa


Master Printing & Signs opened it door in 2007, and since then we have grown and increased our range of services. Our team works hard to ensure quality products at affordable prices for you, we’re not happy until you’re happy.

We offer competitive prices and we pledge ourselves to work with you, and to make sure your order fills your satisfaction every time. Whatever the task, Master Printing & Signs is ready for it! – See more at:https://masterps.net/



Brazilian Expo 2014

Welcome to the Fifth Brazilian Expo

Open to Public

Adults: $5,00
Kids: FREE

September 13th and 14th, 2014.

Show floor open:
Saturday 10am - 7pm
Sunday 10am - 6pm

Register now and be an exhibitor!

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